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Help Mr. DiLorenzo Get His Job Back!

To the Palm Springs High School administrators:This petition calls for the reinstatement of theater teacher Scott DiLorenzo. We, the undersigned, feel that Scott DiLorenzo should be reinstated. Without Mr. DiLorenzo, the PSHS theater class and company will lose the heart and soul of the group, a student and teacher of Dramatic Arts. The Palm Springs High School Theater Company we have all known and been a part of will more than likely fall apart and simply cease to be. This company, under Scott’s guidance, has worked hard and delivered successful and entertaining shows including William Shakespeare’s The Taming of The Shrew, Flowers For Algernon, Antigone, and that unforgettable performance of Beauty and The Beast. Without Scott, who knows what quality we will see in future shows in terms of directing and producing. Current students and alumni alike will no longer see their good friend and mentor hard at work doing the job he loves so much. Scott had really big boots to fill in Mallett's retirement and from what we have all seen, no one would have fit them better. He has put so much of his time and effort and heart into this job; He has taken students to many theater festivals and workshops, field trips to see plays and other exciting events/places and even to competitions (including Fullerton Theater Fest and The National Shakespeare Competition) where he has helped many students achieve awards and high honors. The absence of Scott DiLorenzo for this year and years following from Palm Springs High School will be detrimental to the growth and education of not only the theater students, but to all students. Please think of how Scott and any action or decision he has made in the past as a teacher has positively affected you, and please consider reinstating him. Thank you.Please note: I mean no disrespect to PSHS, PSUSD, or any other administrators that might take offense, I just feel that the opinion of the students and alumni should be formally expressed.

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